School of Music Ensembles

Loyola Chamber Orchestra

The Chamber Orchestra provides students with the opportunity to perform a broad selection of literature from classical to popular, from the Baroque era to the modern. Membership is open to all University students by audition. Find out more about the Loyola Chamber Orchestra »

Loyola Symphony Orchestra

This ensemble is a full-size concert orchestra. Performers, selected by audition, participate in performances of standard orchestral repertoire: symphonies, concerto-accompaniment, choral-orchestral works, overtures, and Broadway musicals. Find out more about the Loyola Symphony Orchestra »

Loyola University Training Orchestra

This organization provides developing string players with an opportunity to advance their performance capabilities and furnishes a laboratory for future string teachers and directors. Find out more about the Loyola University Training Orchestra »

Loyola University Concert Band

The Concert Band focuses equally upon standard large band repertoire along with carefully selected transcriptions. Membership in this ensemble is open to all University students by audition. Find out more about the Loyola University Concert Band »

Loyola University Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble is a highly selective student ensemble performing standard and contemporary wind repertoire suited to the reduced instrumentation of the ensemble. Membership is by audition. Find out more about the Loyola University Wind Ensemble »

Loyola University Chorus

The University Chorus presents large-scale works with orchestral, band, or keyboard accompaniment.

Loyola University Chorale

A select choral organization open to all University students by audition, this group tours nationally and internationally.

Loyola Opera Workshop

This ensemble concentrates on music and stage direction simultaneously. In addition to learning the staging of their own parts in scenes of operas, students are instructed in the techniques of operatic stage deportment applicable to any role. The Opera Workshop is directed by David Morelock.

Vocal Chamber Ensemble

Small vocal ensembles present a variety of literature. Students may sing in ensembles in the jazz style as well as ensembles presenting chansons, madrigals, and related forms.

Instrumental Chamber Ensembles

Performances of literature for varied small combinations of instruments include String Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Piano Chamber Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Clarinet Choir, Saxophone Ensemble, and Trombone Ensemble.

Loyola Jazz Bands

The jazz bands offer musicians an opportunity to perform music in the popular and jazz idioms along with study of arranging and techniques of improvisation. Both Jazz Band and Jazz Workshop Band are open to all University students by audition.

Jazz Combos

Small ensembles are formed each semester to explore the performance practices and repertoire of small jazz groups.

Electro-Acoustic Ensemble

The Electro-Acoustic Ensemble at Loyola University New Orleans, founded in January 2009, is a group comprised of twelve student performers and faculty member Jeffrey Albert. The group performs using laptop computers, custom-built software and circuitry, and other technology-based instruments and devices. The ensemble strives to perform new works in a variety of unique, site-specific situations. Performance venues have included stairwells, city streets, and New Orleans' streetcars. The ensemble's performance focus is new work, improvisation, and the classical electro-acoustic repertoire.