Bachelors of Arts and Elective Studies

A close up strings of a harp in a concert with loyola students playing in the background

If you love music but also love graphic design or political science, or want to prepare for medical school, our bachelor of arts in music or bachelor of music with elective studies degrees may be perfect for you. In addition to intensive study in music theory, music history, and solo and ensemble performance, students in these programs complete a minor, or even a second major, in another field. This can prepare you for a career in either music or that other field, or in an area that combines the two.

The flexibility of our curriculum lends itself well to pre-professional studies, and graduates have gone on to medical and law school as well as to careers in a wide variety of fields. It’s also a particularly good starting point for graduate study in music history, music theory, ethnomusicology, and other areas. It’s up to you to create a path that fits your own particular interests and needs.

See the Bulletin for Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in Music»

See the Bulletin for Requirements for Bachelor of Music with Elective Studies>>