Visual Communication

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The world around us is a picture. Always. But it’s an ever-changing one. And as the industry faces so much change at the hands of technology, we need thinkers who are ready to refine that image for us, to show us which parts are important. Whether you’re an advertising creative director, brand strategist, videographer, photographer or one of the countless other practical applications of a Visual Communication degree, this program will, at its core, teach you to tell a story—introduce a brand or issue in a relevant way and promote it through the lens of a global camera. You’ve heard a picture is worth a thousand words. At Loyno, we’ll teach you the skills to decide which ones are worth a million. 

Overview of Courses

In addition to 3 core courses, students choose from discipline-specific electives to personalize the program. Here’s a sample of what you can expect to learn and do:

  • Brand Lab
    This student-run agency offers real-world experience in advertising, public relations, design, photography and videography, social media, event, and strategic planning by working with for-profit companies to create communication solutions.
  • Photography
    The course covers the technical skills and the aesthetic understanding needed to produce quality photographs with a digital still camera. Emphasis is given to the composition and content of photographs during regular lab and critique sessions. The course also explores the significance of photography in both historical and contemporary contexts.
  • Videography
    Videography builds skills in visual storytelling. Students work with digital video cameras to shoot, write and edit video news stories including several video news packages, one of which must focus on a social justice topic. Advertising This is an introduction to the field of advertising with attention given to market planning, message strategies, media planning, and advertising’s impact on society.

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Mass Communication Course Information

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