Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
MUTH-M210 Composition I 2
MUTH-M211 Composition II 2
MUTH-M310 Composition III 2
MUTH-M311 Composition IV 2
MUTH-M302 Counterpoint I 2
MUTH-M303 Counterpoint II 2
MUTH-M304 Jazz Composition I 2
MUTH-M306 Orchestration I 2
MUTH-M307 Orchestration II 2
MUTH-M402 Form and Analysis I 2
MUTH-M403 Form and Analysis II 2
MUTH-M308 Commercial Arranging 2
MUTH-M309 Modern Arranging 2
MUTH-M430 Songwriting 2
MUTH-M435 Film Scoring 2

Course Description

This two (2) credit hour elective is a required part of the Music Industry Studies (BM) and Popular and Commercial Music (BS) degree programs, and is fulfilled by any non-required MUTH course. Popular choices include MUTH-M309 Modern Arranging, MUTH-M430 Songwriting, and MUTH-M435 Film Scoring.

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