Arts & Entertainment Industry Forum: Reeves Price

Winter Circle Productions (producers of BUKU Music + Arts Fest) founding partner Reeves Price discusses the festival industry with Dr. Jeff Albert (09/29/2014).

About Reeves Price

Reeves Price is the VP of Operations for AEG Live Gulf Coast, where he manages all operations of AEG Live's new Gulf Coast office, which manages the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama territory. Prior to this, Reeves was a founding partner and manager of Winter Circle Productions, which was acquired by AEG Live in 2015.

Winter Circle Productions began in 2009 as an independent promotion and production house initially created to attract music missing from post-Katrina New Orleans. Creator of Buku Music + Art Project and two-time recipient of the Offbeat Best Promoter Award, WCP is now positioned as one of the most trusted tastemakers on the Gulf Coast, having produced hundreds of shows across many musical genres in dozens of venues. In July 2015, after six years at the indie grind, WCP was happy to find a home at AEG Live where it now runs its Gulf Coast regional office. Specializing in the unique and progressive, WCP strives to bring new ideas and concepts to the table and reward attendees with unforgettable experiences and long-lasting impressions.

WCP is best known for producing New Orleans' annual Buku Music + Art Project, which has grown into a highly-anticipated event on the city's festival calendar each year. A quirky boutique event that delivers a big festival punch without compromising its underground house-party vibe, BUKU is tucked right in the heart of New Orleans’ burgeoning Lower Garden District along the Mississippi River into an intimate post-industrial setting - perfect for its fusion of relevant EDM, hip-hop, and indie rock. From the signature BUKU Graffiti Wall to the classic New Orleans food to the dozens of pop-up street performers and art exhibits brought on-site, BUKU blends the rich traditions of New Orleans with the progressive attitude of our attendees, and has become a reflection of the creative, youthful culture that is fueling the new New Orleans.