Arts & Entertainment Industry Forum: KamranV

Los Angeles-based music and video producer KamranV stops by to speak with Elliot Adams (11/19/2012).

About KamranV

KamranV is a Los Angeles-based music and video producer and graduate of the University of Southern California's Music Industry program. Before his current independent career, KamranV worked at Interscope records, where he created the label's first mobile-based mp3 music revenue streams and its first on-demand cable video programming from scratch. During this time, he also served as a video producer for Sting, Beck, and NIN.

In 2006, he launched a live audio and video label called Spaceland Recordings with partner Mitchell Frank. Together, they developed a business model of professionally recording and mixing full-show albums for bands out of L.A. venues including Spaceland, the Echo, and the Echoplex. KamranV has expanded his business to include recording and putting on music events at Bedrock L.A., an Echo Park studio compound described as "Disneyland for musicians."

In addition to his label work, KamranV also freelances as an executive strategist for global clients such as SONOS, Levis, Pandora, and Indiegogo, among others. As the founder of Echo Park's music mecca Bedrock.LA, he also serves the local neighborhood as Echo Park's Chamber of Commerce President, and is CTO and Managing Partner of Moogfest.