Arts & Entertainment Industry Forum: Jeff Apregan

Professor George Howard interviews touring industry executive Jeff Apregan (03/28/2011).

About Jeff Apregan

Jeff Apregan is a touring industry executive with over thirty years of experience in tour management and promotion. He first became interested in booking and tour management as an undergraduate student at California State University, Fresno, where he served on the programming committee. From there, Jeff worked in the accounting department at Concerts West, where he worked with budgets and expenses and learned how shows actually make money. From there, he shifted into tour management and promotions, working with huge names such as John Denver, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and The Blues Brothers. His success in managing these high-profile tours led to a twenty-five year career with Neil Diamond as his tour promoter for North America.

Today, Jeff is president of two tour-related companies: Venue Coalition, a consulting firm that identifies new events, audiences, and opportunities for venues, and Apregan Entertainment Group, a tour direction and management company.