Arts & Entertainment Industry Forum: Eric Tobin

Executive Vice President of Business Development and A&R Eric Tobin of Hopeless Records sits down for an interview with Professor Kate Duncan (02/20/2017).

About Eric Tobin

Eric Tobin is Executive Vice President of Business Development and A&R with Hopeless Records, a Los Angeles-based independent record label founded by Louis Posen. Since its start in 1993, Hopeless Records has guided and launched the careers of world-famous punk, post-hardcore, and alternative acts including Sum 41, Neck Deep, Avenged Sevenfold, Yellowcard, and Taking Back Sunday.

Originally from Pittsfield, MA, Tobin moved to California and spent several years working odd jobs and working on-the-road with touring bands. In 2005, he joined Hopeless Records and helped grow the label’s slightly eclectic roster by signing more artists. The eclecticism is something of a hallmark for Hopeless Records, which signs bands based more on its own internal metrics than a focus on specific genres.

Tobin and Hopeless pride themselves on an artist-first mentality - even if that means providing tough love. “Doing jobs for the artists, sometimes that means saying no,” says Tobin, “Artists push everything, and we want to make sure that what we do makes sense. Sometimes the words that make us meet in the middle hurt. But with a smaller roster, we can answer every question and work that closely.”