Arts & Entertainment Industry Forum: David Shulman

Physical therapist David Shulman discusses the importance of artist health and wellness (10/29/2012).

About David Shulman

David H. Shulman, RPT, is a physical therapist and educator based in Baltimore, MD. David received degrees from Cornell University in 1974 and the University of Maryland School of Physical Therapy in 1978. While establishing his private practice, he worked first as a staff physical therapist at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, then a physical therapist specializing in head and neck cancer for the Milton J. Dance Head and Neck Cancer Center, working and training with some of the finest cancer surgeons in the country. It was from this work that David progressed into therapy for TMJ, headaches (tension and migraine), and chronic pain relief, eventually patenting a medical device for some of these symptoms (see Dynasplint Trismus System).

His personal experiences as a professional woodwind musician from New York have provided him with the knowledge, understanding, and motivation required to help heal musicians from the many physical difficulties of repetitive play. As athletes, musicians can develop chronic overuse injuries as a direct result of long and arduous play schedules. Multiple studies report that approximately 70% of all professional musicians will incur an overuse injury and be forced to stop playing for a period of time. Some musicians may never recover. Overuse injuries range from lips to lower back and all parts in between. David and the team at Shulman & Associates have accurately diagnosed and treated ailing musicians from disciplines from all over the world. David is a frequent lecturer on the subject of musician injuries and he takes great pleasure in sharing his understanding of the biomechanics of the musician athlete. By utilizing a variety of treatment modalities as well as assessing body mechanics and body posture, he is able to promote and resolve the presented injuries. Since 2010, David has been a Summer Academy Enrichment Instructor for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Academy. He is also a member of the Peabody Music and Medicine Task Force.

In addition to his work as a physical therapist and guest lecturer, David is an instructor at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry for third year and post graduate students. He has lectured around the country at major hospitals, dental groups, and speech pathology graduate students at Loyola College in Maryland and WBAL radio. He speaks on such topics as headache, TMJ, soft tissue pain and injury, and oral cancer.