Arts & Entertainment Industry Forum: Bibi Bourelly

Def Jam artist and songwriter Bibi Bourelly discusses her experiences in the music industry with Lovell "U-P" Cooper (09/28/2016).

About Bibi Bourelly

Badriia Ines "Bibi" Bourelly is a singer and songwriter signed to Def Jam Recordings. Bourelly started songwriting while attending high school in Maryland, when producer and collaborator Paperboy Fabe arranged for her to have a session with Kanye West in Los Angeles. During that session, Bourelly wrote and helped produce a song "Higher," later recorded by Rihanna; Bourelly also wrote "Bitch Better Have My Money," which later became Rihanna's lead single off of her 2016 album, Anti.

Bourelly further established her status as an in-demand songwriter with "Camouflage," a Selena Gomez song Bourelly co-wrote with Chris Braide. Meanwhile, she increasingly began to record and perform on her own, releasing her first single, "Riot," in April 2015. Later in 2015, she was featured in Lil Wayne's track "Without You" and Usher's single, "Chains," alongside Nas. (She later performed "Chains" alongside Usher and Nas at the October 2015 TIDAL X Concert). Since then, she released two more singles: "Ego," which peaked internationally on Spotify's Viral Chart, and "Sally," which accompanied an interactive music video.

Recently, Bourelly made her television debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and toured with Haim and Rihanna during the summer of 2016. Together with Hillary Clinton, Iskra Lawrence, and Uma Thurman, she was also featured in the Women Who Dare campaign by Harper's Bazaar.