Arts & Entertainment Industry Forum: AF THE NAYSAYER

New Orleans-based hip-hop and electronic music producer AF THE NAYSAYER stops by for an interview with Dr. Jeff Albert (03/09/2015).


Amahl Abdul-Khaliq, better known by his stage name AF THE NAYSAYER (yes, all caps), is New Orleans-based an electronic and hip-hop producer. Influenced by an array of music including 1980s video game sounds, West Coast g-funk, and new jack swing, his music tends toward dense, psychedelic, richly textured, slightly spacey grooves. His 2014 album, The Autodidact Instrumentals, Vol. 1, showcases this sound, as well as his tendency to lead with chords, then melody, then rhythm. The album began life as the backing for a Baton Rouge-based rapper and band that ultimately never came together.

AF has bounced around, from Los Angeles to Lake Charles to Baton Rouge to New Orleans, where he has lived off and on for the last three years. In 2017, he performed on the Back Alley stage at the 2017 Buku Music + Art Project. Currently, he is signed to Self-Educated Vinyl, an independent boutique record label based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that specializes in experimental hip-hop and electronic dance music.