Screenwriter and Director Steven Esteb Joins Filmmaking Faculty

FAMIS is proud to announce the addition of award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter Steven Esteb to our roster of filmmaking faculty.  A director, producer, and screenwriter, Steven offers abundant experience and success in the film and television worlds. He has worked within Hollywood as a top agency-represented writer under ICM and later Paradigm, and holds years of experience as a script doctor, coach, and screenwriting instructor. Esteb has also directed numerous features, commercials, music videos, and documentaries.

Steven is perhaps best known for the 2000 cult film Baller Blockin’, a Universal Studios-released rap film starring international rap superstar and New Orleans native Lil Wayne. Baller Blockin’ reached #1 on Billboard’s DVD and video charts, eventually going quadruple platinum in sales volume.

Steven also has a wealth of experience helming documentary films, most notably Living With… (1994). The result of two years of living and working at Heath House, an AIDS hospice in Santa Barbara, the film received widespread attention for documenting and humanizing the stories of the hospice’s residents. Celebrities including Michael Douglas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Herbie Hancock donated to the film’s production, and the awareness spread by the film led to the opening of new AIDS hospices across the country.

Esteb’s recently-completed feature-length 2016 film, Hate Crime, explores two families torn apart by homophobia and violence. Starring Amy Redford, John Schneider, and Kevin Bernhardt, the drama continues to generate awards and accolades at festivals around the world.